About Us


Grants Pass Downs is a racetrack located at the Josephine County Fairgrounds, where we’ve successfully hosted pari-mutuel horse racing since 1968.
Fifty years ago, the great pioneer Don Jackson set out to cultivate interest in horse racing in Oregon. Jackson’s racehorse, Flying Lark, led the nation in wins for two years in the 1980s and earned accolades for many years after. We honor Jackson because we know that without his efforts, Grants Pass Downs would not be where it is today.


Our mission is to put our horsemen and horses first. Their health and wellness is paramount, and we ensure this with pre-race vet checks for every single race, thereby preventing serious injury or even fatality. Every horse is provided with optimal care pre-race and post-race to guarantee peak health. Our facilities are continually being updated and improved to focus on the wellness of our participants.

Building Legacies

Racing at Grants Pass Downs is a legacy.
Generations of horsemen from the same family have shown up season after season to race at our track and participate in their family’s legacy.
We are honored to be called home and hope our horsemen continue to return year after year for as long as Grants Pass Downs is around.

A Commitment to
Continual Improvement

We believe in continual improvement for the sake of everyone – our horsemen, horses, and visitors. We’ve installed state-of-the-art safety rails and added 800 tons of sand to the track to lessen the impact racing has over time on the health of our horses. In addition to safety assurances, we’ve added a large new tote board. Plans to redesign the grandstand are underway, as well as improving the lighting for nighttime racing.



We’d like to thank Vince and Linda Williams for their fantastic photography

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